Sell my property

Selling your home is one of the most significant events in your life. You don't make that decision lightly. Next Move Realtors listens carefully to the sellers' stories. We tailor our sales strategy to fit them perfectly.

Selling your home: full-service package

If you want everything related to the sale to be fully taken care of, choose our full-service package. You pay one fixed rate or a performance-based fee for this.

Full-service package

The sale of your home

Are you open to showing potential buyers around yourself and having more control over the sale? Then choose our sales service, where you pay a lower commission.

Self-guided tours

Next Move Realtors: tailored guidance

In both cases, we provide complete guidance and handle all behind-the-scenes matters. This includes the legal aspects involved in a sale.

We value clear communication and a straightforward approach. We do everything we can to achieve the best possible result.

Do you want concrete advice on selling your home? Schedule a no-obligation appointment for a sales conversation and/or a free valuation of your home.

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